2023.08.08 Adrenaline RUSH

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YouTubeチャンネルKatina Eats Kilosから「90%以上の人がギブアップ!レミーのシカゴ風ディープディッシュ・ピザ・チャレンジ!」が配信されました。


ちなみに動画ではペパロニ入りの 「The King of All Pizzas」ということで、めちゃくちゃ美味しそうで、お腹の空いたお昼前なら食えるんじゃないかなんて過信してしまうのですが、30分で2.5kgのピザを食うって現実的じゃないですよね。


Visiting Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza & Bar in Adelaide, South Australia to try Australia’s First (and ONLY!) Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Challenge! Brave diners have only 30 minutes to finish a 2.5kg Chicago style deep dish pizza of choice (I went with “The King of All Pizzas” loaded with pepperoni), a side of shoestring fries, and 1 liter of beer! Winners earn their meal for free, some serious street-cred, and a spot up on Remy’s Wall of Fame!
Filmed March 23, 2023
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I’m a 5’2 former women’s physique bodybuilder on a mission to sample delicious foods from around the world! I tackle restaurant challenges, sample new food menus, and explore the unique eats in various cities. To balance out the calorie intake of weekly food challenges, I continue to pursue my love of fitness through extreme athletic adventures such as ultra-running and biking. I hope you’ll join me at my table!

Over 90% of People FAIL Remy’s Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Challenge!!





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